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SUNREI Ree Ľahký Vonkajšie 7 Režimov Reflektor LED Kempovanie Turistika Noc Beží Svetlomet Nepremokavé Hlava-montáž Baterka

€34.88 €24.77

  • Druh: Vrecku, Multi Nástroje
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Názov Značky: SUNREI

  • Author: Robbydawg 21
  • Date: 2020-11-10
  • Received faster all other orders that were issued at the same time. Quality of the lantern at altitude! This is not my first sunrei lantern. A couple of years ago I ordered here the same for winter (mostly) night fishing. Happy as an elephant. The lantern is comfortable, light, compact, shines brightly and very long. One battery lasts almost all night. I use in addition to fishing and around the house when you need something somewhere to lure. Before in the kit with the lantern was a convenient bag on the ribbons, and now came in a plastic box. Time will show that it is more convenient. Lantern ordered for the bike-I will install on the steering wheel. I fitted my old lantern on the steering wheel-it's doing great! I did not like any other velophonari on Ali, and I decided that losing the glow in the power, but winning in time of glow you need to take this sunrei. And if you put a couple of charged AKB in the velor, then enough for a month, maybe two.
  • 5/5

  • Author: Simplegirl Jessa19
  • Date: 2020-12-23
  • The seller made a fictitious sending-track number with the only status "delivery canceled". I did not react to messages, I had to turn on the dispute wisely-because dummy is visible only manually. The hat is shorter. Straight scam etc.
  • 1/5